Spring has sprung and now summer is here. A few shifts have taken place around here and it is feeling good. My last day of work at my current job is Monday, and the last few days have been very light and I have been able to work from home/get a lot of errands done. Kind of tidying up before I settle into my new job.

Kona and I have worked an hour a day into our schedules to spend time a the new dog park in town. I am happy because it gives me outside time after work, and he is definitely happy about it.

I am working through some stuff around wanting to get back to a minimal as I can on the medication front. There are some that I need to keep taking for my blood sugars, but others I am trying to taper off of. The hormonal pills that I have had been on for a few years to help me with headaches, and night sweats have helped immensely but they are not the long term solution and so this month I have stopped them, and switched to some homeopathic and aromatherapy alternatives to try. So far, so good.

I am meeting with my doctor in a few weeks and want to talk to her about coming off of the lexapro that I have been on too. This one is a bit tricker since it has been very successful in helping me stay balanced. I have to weight the pros and cons of this carefully, but it is something I want to explore. I am a believer that sometimes medicine is needed; and at the same time I do know that the topic of "over prescribing" is a hot button topic. I have had therapy, and exhausted many options over the years. The truth is - the medicine does help me - but there are side effects, most of which I have learned to accommodate for, but I do want to see if my body still needs it or if I can taper off. About two months ago I was able to taper down, so it is a step in the right direction.

So a better shift on the job front, more outside time, and some steps in the right direction on the clearer me, who knows I might even do a 10 day processed sugar detox ;-). All if it steps in a good direction.


What I Think I Know but Now Confirmed

What I think I knew about myself but really confirmed in the 8 months working at the job I am currently leaving:
  1. I don't like Global companies where all communications are via the phone or Skype. I love technology. I text, chat, blog, use Faceboook, and email all the time but aside from actually liking people, I think it is far more effective to work in person.

  2. Work travel on any consistent basis is not nearly all it is cracked up to be. I love to travel but for pleasure when I can go at a leisurely pace, with my own, or no real schedule.

  3. Money isn't everything (oh yes I did just say that) and in fact, I would rather have solid mostly employee sponsored health care coverage than the extra money.

  4. Working from home has it's perks but when you live alone it can also be very isolating. I am never able to do more than one day in a row without going stir crazy, AND I end up working longer hours because there is no physical separation between me and the office.

  5. Commuting in traffic will age you 10 years in 12 months. I don't care how many ebooks you have, or how much you love listening to music; commuting in traffic is insanity inducing.

  6. Working "in the city" isn't as exciting as everyone thinks, at least not when you get to work at 8:00 am and have so many meetings and so much to do you can barely even get out at lunch.
My job was an amazing learning experience for me, the company has a lot to offer for many people. For me I am on to smaller, and greener, pastures with shorter commutes where people talk to each other face to face. :-)


Gosh it's been awhile....

It has been longer than I meant since my last post here. I guess that is because for the first time since in months, I feel like I am in a great space and am feeling relaxed, and happy.

It is amazing how just the right shift in your life can make such a difference. The period of time between when you give notice and when you actually leave a job is always about work lessening, and having less responsibility.

How can that not make me more relaxed :-)

Time at the new dog park in our town has also been great. Kona LOVES the extra playtime and romping around, and anything that gets me outside more is just fine by me. I am going to start bringing my new camera with me on these outings. I need to get better at shooting with the zoom, and at shooting creatures in motion, so that I am better at if for the Safari this fall.

Shooting with my iphone I always seem to get too much background light and Kona always looks like a little black silhouette.


Missing Head

In case anyone noticed  -- yes my banner header is missing. I am going to be working up something new, at some time, in the future. For now we are going with the sparse look.

So much to do - so little time ;-)

It's Raining It's Pouring...

It's a little bit like when it rains it pours right now. This is the year I need a new main air conditioner. I have window units so we are not talking about replacing central (I wish) AC but it still is $300 I wasn't planning on, plus the Visa Application for my trip, plus a few other extras this month and I am as they say, "a bit strapped". I also need just a few things wardrobe wise for this new job. It happens and I will recoup, it just strikes me that it always seems to come in waves.

I don't want to wish the summer away at all but I am starting to get excited about my trip in September. My last payment tot he travel agent is this month, and then it will really just be getting the things I need for the trip, which I am sure will also add up, but can be spaced out.

After this week I am putting myself on a stricter financial budget, and one of the things I want to do when I start back at my new job is to bring my lunch. I don't know why but this has always been a hard habit for me to follow. I think I like the social aspect, no matter how short of getting out and away from the building for an hour. Likely I will be very busy the first months I am back, AND want to make a good impression on my new boss, so bringing lunch will be good all around.

Now that the emotional dust has settled I can say I am very happy to be heading back to this organization.



One of the reasons I am a happy renter is that I don't like to fuss with yard work. I love a good looking yard, and flourishing flowers but I really don't have the patience for hours in the yard - unless it is reading a good book.

My landlord recently finished his stone wall and put in a sprinkler system and new sod. I am not sure why but I have been quite worried about the state of the new sod. It has been hot and sunny here the last few days and I just knew this sod needed more water. So tonight we all met in the yard for an early evening rendezvous. After 2 hours of internet search, watching the watering patterns of the new sprinkler system, and reprogramming the automatic sprinkler I think I can stop being worried about it.

You know you are over 40 when....watching the new sprinkler system water through the zones is a fulfilling evening.