I decided to join 52 Photos Project hosted by Bella at Doings at a Useless Ranch. I want to take more photos in 2014 and a photo a week seems manageable. Maybe someday I will get to posting a photo every day, but right now that is not in the cards.

So with no further ado. Here is my first photo:

Truth be told this was taken before January 1st but hey, I am not perfect. I have ideas and plans for photos and how to do this.

1. standardize the size of photos on my blog to something more fun - square I think.
2. take a photo every day
3. cut myself some slack, photos don't have to be perfect to post.


  1. I'm doing a similar thing with Sally Russick - did it last year too :)
    Her's is called Focus on Life, and she gives us a prompt each week...