Here we go again

It's been a doozy of a cold, dark dreary week. I have been so cooped up and cold I have literally been going insane - in an anxious I feel like I am a caged animal kind of way.

A little too dramatic? Ok maybe, but you know what I am getting at.

Even Kona has barely wanted to walk around the block as his little paws get so cold on the ice and snow. Poor fella.

So grouchy, cold, cranky, irritable and then today I woke up in a great mood - Kona and I met with Toby and Carol for a walk and I went shopping at two grocery stores all before 9:00 AM. I am having mom and dad, brother, sister in law, and the three girls over for a little good bye dinner for my parents before  they head off to Sanibel on Wednesday.  

Just enjoying a quiet afternoon at home. I am popping out for a bit to get a manicure. The next two weeks will be a lot of travel for work so staying cozy for today. I did re-join an online dating site. Optimistically there seem to be some new "matches" to my searches. I sent a few emails and such. We will see how it plays out. 

If it's meant to be...


  1. isn't it odd how being cold and being forced to stay in can make us grouchy? we're in florida and i'm not complaining as we missed the real cold by NOT being in wisconsin, but still....enough of the cold already. we actually laughed yesterday as we were out shopping that 35, no wind and the sun felt warm :)