Gosh it's been awhile....

It has been longer than I meant since my last post here. I guess that is because for the first time since in months, I feel like I am in a great space and am feeling relaxed, and happy.

It is amazing how just the right shift in your life can make such a difference. The period of time between when you give notice and when you actually leave a job is always about work lessening, and having less responsibility.

How can that not make me more relaxed :-)

Time at the new dog park in our town has also been great. Kona LOVES the extra playtime and romping around, and anything that gets me outside more is just fine by me. I am going to start bringing my new camera with me on these outings. I need to get better at shooting with the zoom, and at shooting creatures in motion, so that I am better at if for the Safari this fall.

Shooting with my iphone I always seem to get too much background light and Kona always looks like a little black silhouette.


  1. on your iphone, when the light is harsh, switch over to HDR to help avoid the silhouette effect. sometimes it can really make a difference. also, when i shoot our grand-puppies, i hold the camera down at their level with my 50mm lens and shoot away and look later to see what i captured. shooting at their level/perspective is so much fun :) i'm glad you're feeling more balanced!!!!